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Rev. Vasyl Vladyka


Sunday, February 11th, 2018 ● Sunday of Cheesefare ● Tone 3
Apostle: Romans Verses 13:11-14:4 ● Gospel: Matthew 6 Verses 14-21

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Please remember in your prayers all those who are homebound, in care
facilities or impeded by illness. May our Lord restore them to complete health.


We extend our sincere condolences to the family of +William "Billy" Aiello, husband, father, brother and friend to all who knew him, who entered his eternal reward on Tuesday, January 30, 2018. Eternal Memory! Вічная Память!

If you should be in need of a church donation statement for your income taxes, please let Rev. Vladyka know and one will be made available to you.
Pyrohy – We will be selling pyrohy during the second week of March. Orders can be placed by calling Nick Kowalchyn on (732) 501-2985. All orders must be placed by Saturday, March 3rd. Pick-up is currently scheduled for both March 8th and March 9th. Volunteers will be needed on the following days. Please come by 9:00AM.


  • Monday, March 5:  Peel / Chop Onions
  • Tuesday, March 6: Fry onions at K of C Hall
  • Thursday, March 8 and Friday, March 9: Cook, pack-out and sell pyrohy


The Great Fast is once again upon us.  As in the past, we will celebrate Stations of the Cross at 6:30PM on Wednesdays, and we will honor the memory of our deceased with Sorokousty Memorial Services at 9:00AM on Fridays during Lent. Please take the time to remember your deceased family
members- they hope for our prayers, and in turn, they pray for us. Envelopes are included in your donation envelope set. Please place in the collection basket by Sunday, February 11th in order that the name of your deceased be included in the services.


There will be a collection for The Support of Churches in Eastern Europe on the weekend of February 17-18, 2018. Envelopes for this donation are available in the church vestibule.
Please remember in our prayers, our brother in Christ, Deacon Paul Makar, and pray that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Supreme Physician and our bodies and souls, will send His healing grace upon him and restore him to good health.
The 2018 Annual Lenten Retreat sponsored by the League of Ukrainian Catholics in America, will be held March 16-18, 2018 in St. Mary’s Villa Retreat Center in Sloatsburg, NY. For further information please click here.


On Cheesefare Sunday, all the clergy and faithful have been asked to conduct the Forgiveness Service after the homily during the Divine Liturgy. While this service has been traditionally part of Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday evening, by observing this rite of humility and love at the Divine Liturgy, more of the faithful will experience this moving service as the Christian community prepares to begin the journey through the Great Fast. An article, written by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann, explains the significance of the services. To read this article click here, Archbishops Stefan’s letter click here, and for the service itself click here. The articles are written in both English and Ukrainian.

Spiritual Regulations for the Great Fast: The church provides special norms and guidelines to assist the faithful during their spiritual journey throughout the Great Fast. These spiritual aids are to be considered helpful practices for spiritual enrichment that the faithful should warmly embrace during Great Lent and Holy Week, which precede the glorious Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Pascha. May our Lord bestow His grace and blessing upon you during this holy season as you journey through the Great Fast.


Spiritual Regulations for the Great Fast
Although our Church traditionally prescribed abstention from meat and dairy products in days gone by for the entire duration of the Great Fast, the following are the minimal Lenten regulations today:
Abstinence from meat and all dairy products on the First Day of the Great Fast and on Good Friday.
Abstinence from meat only on all Fridays of the Great Fast as well as Holy Saturday.  It is also traditional to abstain from meat on Wednesdays during the Great Fast.
Everyone should receive the Holy Mysteries of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist during the period from the onset of Great Fast to the Wednesday before Ascension Thursday.
The Fasting and Abstinence regulations are not binding on persons 60 or older, the very poor, sick, nursing or pregnant women, children below the age of 14, and those who engage in physically very hard labor.  However, all are urged, if able to do so, to observe the fasting and abstinence regulations.
All the faithful are urged to attend the Lenten services such as the Presanctified Liturgy, Stations of the Cross, Akafist of the Passion and the Commemoration of the Deceased (Sorokousty).
Such good deeds as almsgiving, visitation of the sick, Bible reading and praying for vocations to the priesthood and religious life are most earnestly recommended to all the Faithful.  This year, families are especially urged to pray together in the mornings and evenings.
Great Fast Liturgical Guidelines
The weekdays of the Great Fast are aliturgical.  No Divine Liturgy, even for funerals, should be celebrated.  Funeral Divine Liturgies are permitted on the liturgical day of Saturday.  On Wednesdays and Fridays of the Great Fast, the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts is to be celebrated. Typika may be used the other days. The Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great is to be celebrated for Sunday Liturgies during this time.
Flowery (Palm) Sunday, March 25 is also the Feast of the Annunciation this year and the liturgical propers and scriptural readings for both feasts are to be taken at the Divine Liturgies.
During Holy Week, the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts is to be celebrated Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There is no Divine Liturgy celebrated on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. On Holy Thursday evening, Vespers with Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great should be celebrated. On Holy Saturday evening, Vespers with the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great is to be celebrated.


Духовні правила на Великий Піст
Хоч наша Церква традиційно приписує утримання від споживання м’яса і молочних страв у всі дні  Великого Посту, подаємо осучаснені мінімальні Великопосні вимоги:
Утримання від споживання м’яса та молочних страв у перший день Великого Посту, та в Страсну п’ятницю.
Утримання від споживання м’яса у всі п’ятниці Великого посту, як і в Страсну суботу.  Традиційно утримуються від вживання м’яса ще й у середи Великого Посту.
До таїнства сповіді з Пресвятою Євхаристією приступається в період від початку Великого Посту до середи перед святом Вознесіння Господнього, яке припадає на четвер.
До посту та утримання не зобов’язуються люди старше 60-ти років, дуже немічні, хворі, жінки-годувальниці й вагітні, діти до 14 років і ті, хто важко працює фізично.  Однак, по можливості, дотримуватися посту і обмежуючих правил спонукаємо всіх.
Усіх вірних закликається брати участь у Великопосних богослуженнях, таких як Літургія Напередосвячених Дарів, Хресна дорога, Акафіст до Страстей та Сорокоусти – поминання померлих.
До таких добрих діл, як творення милостині,  відвідання хворих, Біблійні читання та молитви за покликання до священства та богопосвяченого життя, щиро заохочуємо всіх вірних.  Цього року особливо закликаємо сім'ї до спільної молитви вранці та ввечері.
Літургійні вказівки на час Великого посту
Будні Великого посту є нелітургійними, тобто, Служба Божа не правиться навіть під час похорону за виключенням, якщо похорон відбувається в суботу, яка є літургійним днем.  У середи  та п’ятниці Великого Посту відправляється Літургія Напередосвячених Дарів.  В інші дні можна відправляти за Типиком.  Впродовж цього часу в неділі відправляється Літургія св. Василія Великого.
Цього року Квітна неділя, 25 березня, співпадає з празником Благовіщення. Під час Служби Божої мають вживатися відповідні літургійні та Євангельські читання обох празників.
Під час Страсного тижня Літургія Напередосвячених Дарів відправляється в понеділок, вівторок та середу. У Страсну п’ятницю та суботу Божественна Літургія не відправляється. Ввечері Страсного четверга відправляється Вечірня з Божественною Літургією св. Василія Великого; ввечері Страсної суботи – Вечірня з Божественною літургією св. Василія Великого

The Archeparchy of Philadelphia has released its 2018 Great Fast Pastoral of the Hierarchs of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States in both Ukrainian and English languages to share with their faithful. To read the Pastoral, please click here.

Pre Cana Conference: Couples from our Parish who are contemplating marriage in 2018 are required to attend pre-marriage “Pre Canaconferences which are being held  on the weekend of March 10-11, 2018 at St. John the Baptist Church, 719 Sanford Ave. Newark, NJ 07106. Pre-Cana is a prerequisite for all those who want to have their wedding at St. Mary’s Church. We urge couples to register ASAP via e-mail:


As part of the Borough's Celebration of Black History Month Carteret is hosting a Film Series at the Thomas J. Deverin Community Center, 100 Cooke Ave. in Carteret. Please click here to view the schedule.


The 34th Annual Carteret Disabilities Awareness Day will be held on Saturday, March 24, 2018, from 12:00PM to 2:00PM at Carteret Elks Lodge, 233 Roosevelt Ave., Carteret, NJ. We hold this event each year in order to bring public awareness to the needs of people with disabilities and provide helpful information to those families with disabled loved ones.


2018 Parish Collection Envelopes and Wall Calendars are available for pick-up in the church hall. Please check that you are picking up the correct name. If you are new to the parish and would like envelopes, please see Father Vasyl or call the rectory on (732) 366-2156. Please be sure to check off or clearly write in amount of your donation on the envelope, so that we can maintain accurate records of your donations. Also, please check that you have placed money inside the envelope as we receive a few empty envelopes every week.

Metropolitan Stefan Soroka, together with Bishop John Bura and Bishop Andriy Rabiy, clergy, religious and faithful, pray for those suffering as a result of the damage and flooding caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Let us remember in our prayers those who died and their grieving families and community.  Let us also remember those who suffered loss of their homes and earthly possessions as we ask Our Lord to give them His grace, wisdom and courage as they move forward with their lives and look forward to a new day filled with hope. Several years ago, a Domestic Disaster Recovery Fund was established by our Philadelphia Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy to aid victims recovering from such disasters. If you would like to make a donation for the humanitarian needs of the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, please send your gift to the attention of this fund:

                                                Domestic Disaster Recovery Fund
                                                c/o Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia
                                                810 N. Franklin Street
                                                Philadelphia, Pa 19123

We pray that the victims may find comfort in the reassuring words of the Prophet JeremiahFor I know well the plans I have in mind for you . . . . plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope.” (Jer. 29:11).


Confessions may be heard half an hour before each Divine Liturgy.



Victim Assistance Ministry: The Archeaparchy of Philadelphia is offering assistance for those affected by the sexual abuse of a priest, deacon, other minister, employee or volunteer of the Archeaparchy. For further information, please click here.
Compassionate and quality care of our elderly parents and family members is offered by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate at St. Joseph’s Home in Sloatsburg, N.Y. The need for such facilities among our elderly parents and family members, and within our Ukrainian American community is great. The addition of a new wing and the upgrading of the existing facilities will enable the Sisters Servants to offer elevated medical care and service for the elderly. There will be increased capacity to admit more people needing care. The Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate have historically offered such quality and compassionate care throughout our history in America (75 years in 2017). We need to help them to continue to fulfill this mission and to enable a much needed expansion of St. Joseph’s Home in Sloatsburg. Please help by providing your generous donation to enable the building of the expanded facility to care for our elderly. Please choose to be an instrument of God’s mercy for those who are in need of His care. Thank you! Kindly send your (tax deductible) donation to:


St. Joseph’s Adult Care Home, Inc.
P.O. Box 8
Sloatsburg, New York 10974.




With the events taking place in Ukraine, we offer the following petitions in today’s mass to our brothers and sisters:
O good and loving Master, look down with compassion, heal, comfort and protect Your servants who are wounded and suffering in Ukraine, and receive the souls of all those who have lost their lives from the violence, let us pray to the Lord. We also pray that the Holy Spirit may open the hearts and minds of all in Ukraine to wisdom, grace and prayer so that sincere dialogue may lead to peace and reconciliation, let us pray to the Lord.
Lord have mercy (3 times)


A Prayer for Peace in Ukraine
Heavenly Father, Your Son taught us
“Blessed are the Peacemakers for
they shall be called Children of God.”
At this hour, we fervently pray that
Your Holy Spirit may inspire men and
women in Ukraine to become Peacemakers.
May they seek reconciliation and dialogue
and end the violent confrontation and killing.
May they restore tranquility to their nation
and restore human rights, democratic principles
and religious liberty to their troubled land.
God, our Father, we beseech you to comfort
the suffering, heal the wounded and accept the
souls of the departed into Your Heavenly Kingdom.
And may the Most Holy Mother of God, extend her
Blessed Mantle of Protection over Ukraine.
And may each of us always live our lives
as instruments of Your Peace.


Saturday 02/10

5:00 PM


For John Wasichko

Forgiveness Service

By Tkaczyk Family

Sunday 02/11

9:00 AM


For All Our Parishioners

Forgiveness Service

Monday 02/12 9:00 AM  

First Day of the Great Fast

Tuesday 02/13 9:00 AM      


02/14 6:30 PM   Stations of the Cross  
Thursday 02/15 9:00 AM  


Friday 02/16 9:00 AM


Sorokousty Services  
Saturday 02/17 5:00 PM


For John Wasichko

By Anna Kazio

Sunday 02/18

9:00 AM


For All Our Parishioners